Secure Video Chat Any Firm Can Afford

Video calling built specifically for lawyers & the need to protect a client's data.

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Legal-Specific Integrations Like Clio

Sync your Contacts & Calendar with Clio every time you use Pleeder's Consults. More legal integrations added each month!

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Secure, virtual consultations. Anywhere, anytime.

Increase client satisfaction & make yourself available to anyone. Consults allows you to connect with clients whenever it's convenient for you.


Secure video calling without any limits

Pleeder's secure video chat won't meter or restrict your usage. Make your practice available to anyone, anytime, anywhere... for as long as you need.

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Won't break attorney-client privilege

Pleeder uses all of the same security & standards doctors use to protect patient data. Consults ensures priviliged conversation stays that way.

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Mediation Specifc Software soon

Interested in joining Pleeder's Pilot Program that offers secure video conferencing just for mediation sessions?


$14.99 per month, per user
  • Unlimited Video Chat
  • HD Video & Audio Streaming
  • AES 256 & SSL Encryption
  • Email Reminders
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Connected soon

$19.99 per month, per user
  • Clio Integration
  • All of Standard
  • Email & Text Reminders
  • Email & Calendar Integrations
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Premium soon

$29.99 per month, per user
  • Payment Integrations
  • All of Connected
  • Remove Pleeder Branding
  • API Access
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